Gold Price May See It’s Longest Running Gain In Two Years.

Well we have seen the volatility of Gold this year. It is now over $1300 an oz as of this post. Will it finally start it’s upward move? Some economist say “yes” See if you agree with the following article.

Gold Set for Longest Run of Gains in Two Years on Stimulus Bets Bloomberg Gold and silver posted the biggest first half gains in about four decades amid mounting speculation that interest rates in the U.S. will remain low, which is a boon to precious

Four Ways Brexit Could Affect The U.S. Economy

With Great Britain’s vote to leave the EU comes all kinds changes in the country and across the globe. Just to bring it home, how is this historical event going to affect the U.S. economy. There are all kinds of speculations and the stock markets did take a huge hit as a result of the news. What should Americans expect as a result of Brexit? The following CNN Money article has some insights of their own. See if you agree with their predictions.